How to Create a Personal Vision That Lets You Lead Fearlessly and Drive Success

A clear vision has always been a cornerstone on which people build businesses. You need to be able to communicate an understandable, unambiguous concept of what you want. Otherwise, trust and effective strategy are pipedreams. But especially over the past year, we’ve all been tossed into a pit of uncertainty that makes it hard to know what direction to go in. To lead fearlessly and overcome doubt, it’s more important now than ever that your vision be not just clear, but deeply personal and empathetic, too.

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Why it matters so much that you make your vision personal
Let’s not beat around the bush. Manifesting a vision is hard work. You’re going to have naysayers telling you no or to quit. There is beautiful potential in the diversity around the world, but you can’t tap into it unless you find ways to overcome the differences that unique experiences and backgrounds create. You have to figure out all kinds of logistical puzzles, think about ethics and magically make the ideal supply of resources appear on time. Oh, yeah — and you might get tired once in a while.

What’s going to motivate you through all this? It comes down to your reason, or “why,” for striving for a better future — one that has real meaning to you. When you personally understand and crave the change that your vision is going to bring, then it doesn’t matter how many or how big the obstacles that stand in your way are; you can stand before them with the courage to keep fighting. You can keep pushing for what others say is “unattainable” because your belief that you can and must, and that there is no alternative, is genuine.

Making a personal vision of your own
So, you know why it’s critical for your vision to be personal, but how do you ensure that you’re really connecting the vision to who you are?

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